VoxBox 2.54 for Windows 10


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VoxBox is an application for visualizing the interior. The main objective of the program is to enable the arrangement of apartments and houses with the use of furniture and decorative items. The program can create any room: bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and rooms for youth. The simplicity of the program and the full three-dimensional visualization of the furniture and the room allows for a quick and smooth implementation of the arrangement and test the functionality and aesthetics of the interior. Almost all the operations carried out with the mouse, and the full support of the program can be learned in just a few hours (in the program's built-in Help that will clarify all your doubts). Main features of the program: - opening area furniture-ability to work under PERSPECTIVE and Interior, where you can edit the furniture and decorative items, and change their location - can change the color of the furniture after it has been inserted into the draft room - the opportunity to enter the library of decorative products selected from VOX offers and a simple function ATTITUDES on the furniture simple interior design - the library of components also allows the insertion of flowers, electronic equipment, doors, windows, walls, columns, pillars, as well as form.